Gorgeous beach wedding setting by Glama Camp Noosa

On this mornings beach walk I came across this gorgeous set up by Glama Camp. It got me thinking, as I sat there with my coffee, about the rituals involved in planning your big day and how these practices add to the overall experience. I realise that in the western world ritual is something that is not practiced anywhere near the way eastern cultures do. Maybe that is why they always seem happy.

Wedding traditions are full of ritual. From the colour of the dress, to the something old, something new… to the person you pick as maid or matron of honour, your father walking you down the isle and spending the night before the wedding in separate houses to your betrothed. Couples spend months looking for the perfect venue, selecting menus and planning. 

So, I ask you, why do we do it? It is a celebration. The ritual elements add meaning to the event. They ignite feelings of anticipation and excitement and build the energy around an event. 

When I think about my wedding, for a start it was illegal in Australia in 2003 so we ran away to NZ and eloped. My immediate family couldn’t attend, we were lucky to have my Aunt and Uncle walk us down the aisle. We didn’t invite our friends due to the cost of travel. I guess we were in a similar situation to many couples now with this pandemic. In saying that even though we celebrated in a way that was special to us, something was missing.

The thing about experience is that it is heightened by human connection. So when we get to share our experiences with people close to us the level of excitement is increased. Rituals allows us to share that excitement through connection.

When we are faced with circumstances we cannot change, we have to change the things we can.

If rituals are how we celebrate lifes’ events and currently we are no longer able to share them, then we need to create new ones that will continue to add that element of excitement, anticipation and emotion to lifes’ celebrations.

As an industry that focuses on nurturing and empowering people to look and feel their best, are there ways we can recreate our services to promote connection and enhance our clients experience?

Some of the ideas that come to mind are make-up trial packages that include digital trial photos and ‘get the look cards’ so our brides to be can share their favourite looks with friends and family afar before choosing for the big day. You could offer elements of a bride to be package that can be purchased by friends of the bride (like build a bear but your friends get to chose some of your experiences), bridal shower or hens DIY spa kits. Loyalty clubs or memberships…

What ways has your business evolved and how have you changed what you offer to help enhance your clients experiences?