Autumn is when nature starts to become quiet. The wheel of light starts moving towards dark as the days become shorter and the sun cools down.

In Australia we break the year down into four seasons, whereas Ayurveda suggests there are six seasons. These are presented by the three dosha. In autumn pitta is decreasing and vata dosha increasing. The weather becomes cooler and dryer with the influence of air and ether and the fire and water of pitta subside. Looking at the energies of these doshas helps understand how the change of seasons affects us both physically and mentally.

If we look to nature during the months of autumn, we see the earth becomes dry, hard, rough and maybe icy. The trees shed their leaves to retain nutrients and stay healthy, the leaves litter the ground, holding moisture in the soil and protecting the roots. Their decay provides nutrients to seeds and soil beneath.

Our skin is affected much the same as the earth. Cool and dry weather leaves our skin dehydrated, cheeks red and lips chapped. As pitta decreases so does our internal fire (agni) resulting in the slowing down of metabolic processes. When cell turnover decreases you may notice changes to the normal condition of your skin. Dullness, due to skin thickening as the superficial layer is slower to desquamate. Acne can develop due to accumulation of bacteria on the surface, hyperpigmentation may become more visible and you may notice signs of ageing.

Autumn skin needs regular exfoliation, calming and hydration. Products with ingredients including glycolic and lactic acids will help increase cell turnover as well as hold moisture in the lower layers of the dermis. Essential fatty acids (EFA’s) will enrich the skin and protect against moisture loss and hyaluronic acid will improve hydration, stimulate collagen and tissue regeneration.

Products that contain peptides will help encourage cells to remain healthy and support the structure and function of the skin. Now is also a good time to start using products with retinol in preparation for peels.

Autumn is a time for reflection and inner work, you may find yourself looking over old photos reminiscing or reconnecting with friends. The movement of air energy can be disruptive to our mind and leave our thoughts scattered. Grounding and nourishment help to calm vata energy. This can be achieved by bring regular practices into our lives, like yoga, exercise, meditation, family catch ups. Vata energy can disrupt sleep patterns so it may be a good time to look at your bed time routine. Geranium and vetiver essential oils help with sleep, along with simple practices like a regular bed time and switching off from technology.

Bring warmth into your home through aromas that are uplifting and sweet, like citrus and cloves, cinnamon, cardamon and ginger. Sip chai lattes and read a good book.

Our go to Autumn products are:

Samskrta Skin Polish

Suitable for all skin types, this gentle exfoliant also brightens and plumps the skin, featuring biodegradable jojoba beads, gluconic acid for hydration and cranberry extract to increase cell turnover, whilst vitamin C and niacinamide brighten and protect the skin barrier.

Top tip

Don’t wash this one off to quicky, by leaving this on the skin, all of the potent ingredients will have a change to be absorbed.

Nirvaata Calming Serum

Designed for sensitive or stressed skin this serum is packed with natural anti-inflammatories from bisabolol and ginger root along with the most advanced peptides to reduce redness and restore the skin.

Top tip

You can use this serum post peels, needling and laser to help relieve irritation and aid healing

Rasadana Hydrating Mask

A combination of wound healing and antioxidant ingredients to provide ultimate hydration and relief to stressed skin. Enriched with organic honey, a natural humectant which draws moisture to the skin and has wound healing properties. Organic aloe vera, shea butter and beta glucan.

Top tip

Leave this one on overnight for ultimate hydration

Check out our great Mother’s Day special which includes an Ayurveda Traditions Chai Lip balm, the perfect gift for autumn or book in with one of our salons for a ‘Five Elements Facial’.

Thinking of starting on vit A? Why our AHAVA pRetinol is a more natural way to bring vit A into your skincare routine.

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2021 Autumn Special

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