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The Dead Sea has been dubbed “the Earth’s spring of eternal vitality”. It contains the essence of vitality, health and beauty thanks to the natural rejuvenating powers concealed in its enigmatic waters. Formed in a mineral rich basin, this natural treasure is known for its wonderful therapeutic properties. Back in ancient times, Cleopatra turned this enchanting oasis into her own personal health spa, and she knew why…

Situated at the lowest point on earth (-427 meters below sea level), the Dead Sea benefits from a unique set of environmental conditions. Its waters boast a mineral concentration of 34%, the highest concentration in the world with many different minerals, providing premium quality raw materials for optimal skin health. Despite the region’s dry desert climate, the Dead Sea constitutes a reservoir of minerals rich in moisture, unrivalled anywhere in the world. 

With age, the level of minerals declines. The main reasons for mineral decline are believed to be related to modern human lifestyle:

  • Stress – the growing effect of hectic lifestyle, and lack of sleep
  • Malnutrition – overuse of chemicals, preservatives, colouring ingredients
  • Dangerous sun exposure – UVA & UVB radiation destroys valuable minerals and nutrients
  • Environmental pollution

Since minerals are not synthesized in our body, external sources are needed to replenish the loss.

Dead Sea minerals: nature’s skin-care formula​

For many hundreds of years, from ancient times until today, those seeking beauty and natural care continue to be attracted to the strength of the Dead Sea and to the powers of its minerals.

The answer must be found in nature” wrote Hippocrates the ancient Greek physician (370-460 BC), and indeed, from earliest times people have searched for active elements sourced from the Dead Sea region. In these old days the one of a kind Dead Sea salty waters were linked to beauty.

Cleopatra was certainly not the first person to use Dead Sea minerals, but she was the only one who requisitioned all its treasures to herself. To be sure that she had no competition for the title of “the most beautiful woman in the world” she paid good money to the Hasmonean kings who exclusively marketed these unique treasures to her majesty including sea water and mud.


The effect of Dead Sea minerals on skin

Dead Sea minerals are credited to improve skin appearance in general. When placed on skin surface as cosmetic preparations they turn into an osmotic pump that sucks up the fluids from the inner layers of the dermis and transmits them to the surface of the skin – the epidermis. Thus, they improve the skin’s nutrition, enhance cell metabolism and increase moisture levels. For this reason, the Dead Sea elements (the Dead Sea water and salts) are listed in the book of cosmetic compounds (INCI) as humectants, or in simple words, active skin moisturizing molecules.

Many people who have bathed in the saline Dead Sea water, when coming out of the water felt that their skin became smooth “like a baby’s skin”. This desire for smoothed wrinkles is a wish expressed by many women and men, when deciding upon a cosmetic product. Smoothness of skin is measured nowadays by a sophisticated instrument that tests the depth of wrinkles by optical methods at a large number of points on the skin surface. These measurements are computer processed to determine the actual depth of the wrinkles in the epidermis, before and after skin treatments.

In a double-blind study, neither doctors or patients knew who was mineral treatment and who was receiving control placebo treatment (namely an identical treatment but without minerals). Adding 1% of Dead Sea water to the gel yielded an improvement of over 40% in skin smoothness. This astounding finding was reported in the professional publication* and registered and approved as AHAVA exclusive IP. The specific tested combination, AHAVA Osmoter™ is formulated in all AHAVA products.

At AHAVA, producing skin-friendly products isn’t just a goal; it’s a guiding principle that impacts every step of the journey. It begins at “the Source”. We maintain a clear focus on the natural, mineral-rich treasure chest of Dead Sea ingredients and endeavour to clinically explore their rejuvenating powers…

  • Water, mud, salt, plants: AHAVA uses, mineral-rich natural Dead Sea elements in its proprietary formulations that achieve optimum results in maintaining healthy, well-functioning skin and encourage age control naturally.
  • We design and produce formulations that offer ideal concentrations of active Dead Sea ingredients for maximum effectiveness and safety. It continues with a dedication to developing the finest in nature-inspired skincare according to the most stringent international standards…
  • Natural and organic ingredients are selected when they meet our quality requirements and are suitable for a formula.
  • All AHAVA ingredients are listed in the INCI cosmetic dictionary.
  • Our entire product range is formulated with selected Dead Sea minerals Ecocert® certified using either our exclusive Dead Sea salts, Dead Sea water or Dead Sea mineral mud derivatives or a combination.
  • Our Skin friendly formulas do not include animal derivatives and animal by products as well as GMO (genetically modified) ingredients, lanolin, SLS/ SLES and mineral oils.
  • We choose only the safest and qualitatively effective preservative systems (free from paraben, triclosan and formaldehyde). It respects the environment and all its natural inhabitants…
  • AHAVA is the official supporter of the public campaign for protecting the Dead Sea region. We are committed to avoiding ecological ruin and participate in numerous recycling and preservation programs to ensure that the natural treasures of the area will remain intact and unmolested for the sake of future generations.
  • We use an environmentally friendly approach to ingredients and recyclable packaging.
  • We employ innovative systems that recycle wastewater using natural organisms to break down the elements and safely return them to the environment.
  • Products are experimented on human skin ex-vivo models and clinically tested on volunteers but never on animals. It communicates clearly and openly with consumers…
  • AHAVA openly encourages customer feedback. It has proven to be invaluable to our R&D and product development over the years.
  • Any specific consumer question is always answered by an expert.
  • All ingredients are clearly printed on AHAVA packages in descending order, allowing consumers to be fully aware of a product’s components.
  • We don’t make empty promises that can’t be confirmed. All declared claims for products effectiveness are scientifically established and clinically proven.
  • All products are Paraben free
  • All Cleansing products are SLS/SLES free
  • No petroleum, No Mineral Oil
  • No GMO’s (genetically modified vegetal extracts)
  • No animal sourced ingredients – VEGAN
  • All products are allergy tested and approved for sensitive skin
  • AHAVA uses natural raw materials, verified by Ecocert®, including: Dead Sea water, Mud, Salts
  • All packages are recyclable

AHAVA Face Care

AHAVA’s comprehensive face care range is infused with skin-healthy Dead Sea minerals. It addresses every progressive need, from cleansing and purifying (Time to Clear) to boosting all skincare regimen by recharging skin’s cellular functions (Dead Sea Osmoter™ Superserums) through achieving natural moisture balancing (Time to Hydrate) to preventing premature aging due to environmental stress and pollution factors (Mineral Radiance) to evening skin’s tone and treating multiple first signs on aging (Age Control) to firming and diminishing wrinkles (Extreme) to lift and reinforce skin’s Elasticity (Beauty Before Age) to smooth and reduce deep wrinkles and re-plump skin’s features (Apple of Sodom) and for special skin conditions (Time to Treat).

AHAVA Dead Sea BODY & SPA Treatments are more than just cosmetic – they impart true therapeutic benefits and wellbeing; therefore, they should be more than just a luxury indulgence.


Detoxification is a “spring cleaning” for the body to help remove the accumulation of heavy metals, chemicals, pollutants, and residue from caffeine, nicotine, sugar etc. Various methods of detoxification include fasting, steam therapy, Dead Sea salt exfoliation or mineral salt soaks, the most effective form of detoxification is Dead Sea heated body wraps.

The detoxification benefits of Dead Sea mud treatments can last from a few days to a few weeks.

NB: All spa therapies that involve heat and or detoxification and elimination, such as spas, steam therapy, and heated wraps etc. can cause dehydration. It is extremely important therefore that you instruct your clients to drink plenty of fluid (water, herbal tea) after their treatment in order to rehydrate and replenish lost fluids and body salts. Furthermore glucose levels may drop and so your client may feel tired or lightheaded. For this reason it is always important to offer your clients a serving of fresh fruit, nuts, cheese etc. (Carbohydrates and protein) that will help your clients regain their energy before leaving your establishment.


Massage is an important component of AHAVA Dead Sea Spa treatments. The language of human touch provides a feeling of relaxation, warmth and renewed vitality, which can counteract the stresses and pressures and everyday life. Massage increases circulation and enhances venous return, which aids in the removal of metabolic waste products (toxins), thus helping to maintain healthy tissues and healthy status quo of the body. Massage also contributes to the release of endorphins and increases serotonin levels, thus reducing anxiety while increasing a general feeling of wellbeing.


It is extremely important and highly beneficial that you allow your client time to rest after each AHAVA Dead Sea BODY & SPA Treatment. It is also necessary that clients drink plenty of fluid after a treatment. At the end of a spa treatment, serve up something easy to digest and food that imparts energy, e.g. fresh fruit juice, fruit platter apples, pears, raspberries, straw-berries, or nuts.