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Ayurveda is ‘the science of life’ – not only does it provide you with an ability to balance your mind and body, it also indicates preventative measures based on your individual constitution. AWE Cosmeceuticals use Ayurvedic practices blended with modern science for a more personalised skin health routine.


AWE is Ayurvedic Wisdom Encapsulated.

Combining ancient Ayurvedic traditions with modern dermal science. AWE Cosmeceuticals delivers a selection of skin care solutions to assist with common conditions such as ageing, sun damage, rosacea, acne and sensitivity.

We develop premium quality skin care that encapsulates active ingredients and avoid many known irritants and potential sensitisers to bring you an affordable, active range of products.

At AWE we believe in quality you can trust and use the highest grade and freshest ingredients available.

Our Founder

“I am inspired by educating women about Ayurvedic lifestyle practices and how it relates to their skin. My passion is ingredients and I love sharing this knowledge I have for skincare by creating cosmeceutical grade products that achieve results. I feel empowered and uplifted when others embrace this knowledge and appreciate the honest and caring advice. Women who use AWE feel positive about their choices for quality skincare and embrace a holistic lifestyle. They feel confident, informed, inspired and happy. Their skin glows from beauty inside and out.”

Our Philosophy

At AWE Cosmeceuticals™ we value honesty and integrity. We believe skin care should be free from irritants and harsh chemicals. It should be made from premium quality ingredients in packaging that will not harm the environment nor compromise the integrity of the product. It should be affordable. It should work.

What is Ayurverda?

What is Ayurverda?

Originating in India, Ayurveda pronounced (Eye- your- vay-da), literally translates to ‘the science of life’. Over time the ancient teachings of this 5,000 year old comprehensive medical system have been handed down by Indian Sages as a part of their spiritual tradition.

Today, Ayurveda encompasses prevention, healing and longevity as a holistic science. Although very detailed in its teachings Ayurveda aims to prevent disease and to rejuvenate the mind and body. Numerous Ayurvedic herbal combinations have been used effectively in the treatment of skin conditions and for the promotion of a clear and healthy complexion. More recently many of these treatments have been comprehensively studied by scientists and some excellent clinical findings now allow us to utilise this knowledge of the past.

Here at AWE Cosmeceuticals we aim to encompass the teachings of this ancient wisdom and incorporate it into a modern skincare system which provides visible, long-lasting results for truly rejuvenated skin. We are Australia’s Ayurvedic skin care range.

The range consists of 18 retail products and 19 professional products all with carefully selected ingredients that allow the therapist to create a personalised journey for every client depending on constitution and concerns.

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We believe in a sustainable future. AWE Cosmeceuticals supports the use of environmentally sustainable ingredients and packaging, which are biodegradable and should not act negatively on the environment. Our formulations are even considered ‘grey water’ safe.

We believe in ethical research techniques. AWE Cosmeceuticals are strictly opposed to animal testing and therefore do not conduct animal testing on any AWE products.

We believe in education. At AWE Cosmeceuticals, we believe that education is an ongoing process. We constantly monitor new research in skincare advances so that you can be assured that our skincare product range encompasses the latest developments. You can rely on the safety, efficacy and benefits of our unique kincare solutions.

We believe in transparency. We have nothing to hide! Our full ingredient listings are on each product’s packaging, as well as on our website (under each product). We are happy to answer your questions, even the ones other skincare companies avoid.