Essential Therapeutics​

The Ultimate Professional Aromatherapy Range

“The real benefits of aromatherapy treatments are directly dependant on the quality of essential oils employed”

Essential Therapeutics began in 1988 as the first and still the only professional range of essential oils and related products, specifically for use by trained complementary therapists and health care professionals.

In 1994, we were amongst the first group of Aromatherapy companies to successfully apply for registration with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

This registration as a licensed therapeutic goods manufacturer allows us to make substantiated therapeutic claims where possible and demands that we follow Good Manufacturing Practice standards (GMP), an international standard controlled by the Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention Scheme.

These GMP standards include an annual independent audit to ascertain our on-going compliance with all the standards, including quality assurance. Such a program of independent verification by a governmental authority for Aromatherapy products is completely unique to Australia and further assures you of our commitment to real quality.

Essential Therapeutics has grown to be the foremost supplier of true, therapeutic-grade essential oils and related products for the practice of Aromatherapy – specifically for health care professionals and complimentary therapists.

We continually work on our range of complimentary products, such as our “base products” including creams, gels and herbal infused oils, to be able to offer you products that are both natural and effective.

In addition to our extensive range of over 100 essential oils, Essential Therapeutics offers a range of complementary products for professional use including:

  • Therapeutic massage concentrates and skin synergies – blends of pure essential oils to treat specific conditions.
  • A full range of ‘carrier’ bases, including pure expeller pressed vegetable oils, herbal infused oils, natural ‘base’ creams, gels, shampoo, conditioner, cleanser and more!
  • A variety of natural raw materials, for the creation of ‘customised’ aromatherapy preparations and regenerative cosmetics.

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