Go ahead spoil yourself with an experience that will leave you feeling you have spent a week in the Mediterranean. Transform the drab and boring as you release the exotic inner goddess with Mediterranean Tan, Wax & Beauty®. The Mediterranean is the playground of the rich, famous, and is known for its exotic beauty and high quality lifestyle. The Mediterranean lifestyle is the inspiration for the MediterraneanTan® range. So why not indulge yourself and enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean lifestyle too? Escape into the unique experience that can only be yours.

Now it is time to experience the best that life can offer right here, right now.
Mediterranean Tan, Wax & Beauty® brings you a gorgeous range of products to always look your exotic best.


Every brand claims to have the best spray tan so – what makes Mediterranean Tan® so different?  Apart from the reasons listed in the About Us.

We actually have base tans!

Have you ever noticed – No other brand advertised the base tans prior to 2011. It took them a couple of years to try and work out what we were doing (and they tried to copy by changing bronzers only) but our tans are made under medical license to a single piece of equipment that no one else in the tanning industry has access to.

Our Mission

Mediterranean Tan, Wax and Beauty® returns to where the ancient art of cosmetics all began. Just as age-old civilisations unlocked the secrets and mysteries of combining nature and science to offer beautiful natural products, Mediterranean Tan, Wax & Beauty® offers you spray tan and other products that employs the finest time-tested techniques blended using the most advanced technology.

Mediterranean Tan, Wax & Beauty® products are all made in an organic certified environment and our spray tan is free of nasty ingredients such as:

Propylene Glycol
Synthetic DHA’s
Petro chemicals

Base Colours Explained

What does a ‘base solution’ actually do?

The way that Mediterranean Tan® (MTWB®) counteract the dreaded orange effect to achieve a natural chocolate brown, is by creating a base from the opposite side of the colour spectrum to that nasty orange-yellow. Following on the scientific process of the green base solution™ from her husband, Andrea Taylor innovated and developed the world’s first and only true VBS™ – Violet Base Solution™. The Innovation has continued as technology develops.

MediterraneanTan® Inductafuze® Red is suitable for all skin tones, counteracting any orange/brassy undertones to produce a deep bronzed look. Think Rose Gold. Inductafuze® Technology is scientific manufacturing breakthrough allowing the direct infusion of 11 different hydrating oils. Collagen and melanin infusion ensures a darker result whilst producing enhanced skin elasticity and anti-aging properties.

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