A world-class, plant-powered cosmeceutical skincare range, Organic Nation fuses science with Certified Organic ingredients to provide skincare products that achieve real results.


High performing, plant-powered organic skincare that delivers real results you can see and feel, Organic Nation is the Australian-made cosmeceutical range that’s been missing from your salon, spa or clinic.

Appeal to the ever-growing eco-and health-conscious market by stocking this results-driven brand today.

Organic Nation – Our Heritage

Vanessa and George Jilly, the founders of Organic Nation have been involved with leading global holistic skincare brands for over 25 years.

Their passion for organic skincare is an extension of their wellness lifestyle and philosophy.

Organic Nation reflects 25 years of learning and  development to create a performance skincare range that can bring about positive change to skin.

Offering beautiful retail products as well as a range of professional treatments, Organic Nation was developed to meet the fast-growing demand for Australian-made, Certified Organic skincare. Organic Nation uses Certified Organic ingredients that are grown, harvested and processed without the use of pesticides, fertilisers and toxins, which ensures the plants and the final ingredients they produce are 100% pure – just as nature intended.

Did you know? The use of the word “organic” isn’t regulated in Australia, meaning manufacturers can use it even if only one ingredient in their product is organic. Organic Nation is proud to use Certified Organic ingredients, and the percentage of Certified Organic ingredients used in each product is stated on the packaging.

In order to provide pure performance skincare, Organic Nation uses organic aloe vera gel in place of water in its products – setting their range apart from other skincare brands. Boasting over 150 nourishing properties, the addition of aloe vera gives Organic Nation products a beautifully smooth feel, and sees them provide calming, hydrating and balancing benefits that water-based products simply can’t.

In addition to their anti-ageing, hydrating and nourishing benefits, Organic Nation products also smell incredible, thanks to perfumer-formulated fragrances. Carefully chosen pure essential oils harness the power of aromatherapy to enhance both the in-salon and at-home skincare experience for your clients, providing performance skincare along with a next-level sensory experience that relaxes the mind and body.

✅  We’re for beautiful skin, not beautiful models.

✅  We believe products created by fusing the power of nature with cosmeceutical science can bring about real changes to the skin’s appearance.

✅  We relentlessly scour the planet for scientific advances and nature’s most powerful organic ingredients that have the ability to repair, heal and transform the skin.

✅  We employ alternative sustainable technologies using non-toxic and organic ingredients to help boost the best nature has to offer.

✅  We protect the purity and effectiveness of our ingredients through our Soil 2 Skin (S2S) program, whereby we track the full cycle of ingredients, from where they’re grown and sourced, to how they’re cultivated and processed. The precise standards we apply ensure the potency and authenticity of our ingredients and products.

✅  We’re meticulous about details and we don’t cut corners. This is why we use Certified Organic Aloe Vera gel in our products instead of water, why we source the finest glass from Europe for our bottles, why perfumers (not chemists) create our signature fragrances, and why we use the highest possible concentration of ingredients to surpass standards, rather than merely meet them.

✅  We want your skincare routine to be a healthy experience that delights your senses and produces results you can see and feel.


Organic Nation is the result of 25 years of passion.

25 years studying, learning and refining organic skincare.

25 years searching the world for the most powerful and purest ingredients.

25 years spent combining knowledge with advances in medicine and science.

Made in Australia, Organic Nation is a luxurious high performance skincare range.

Our unique combination of organic ingredients and
cosmeceutical science peptides can bring about real changes skin.
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We are for beautiful skin, not beautiful models.

We believe in the power of nature and the precision of science.

We believe skincare should feel beautiful, please the senses and most of all produce results.

We believe in protecting our earth We believe in a sustainable future for people, products and the planet.

Made in Australia, Organic Nation is a luxurious high performance skincare range.

Our unique combination of organic ingredients and cosmeceutical science peptides can bring about real changes skin.


  1. Pure Performance philosophy
  2. Authenticity
  3. Certified organic ingredients
  4. Efficacious ingredients
  5. Transparency of Soil-2-Skin (S2S)
  6. Application of Green Chemistry practices
  7. Precise Science
  8. Unique spa treatment technique
  9. Treatment protocols steeped in ancient wisdom
  10. Rituals that re-center, re-balance and re-connect the therapist and the client